After the selection of the TEC (Tender Evaluation Committee) the HKU was winner of the project to implement an accredited curriculum in Fashion Design at the Fashion Design Department of Accra Polytechnic.
The project will provide an extensive “train the trainers” programme, existing of both practical and methodological training packages enabling staff at the Fashion Design Department of Acca Polytechnic to teach the revised curriculum.
Part of this project was to set up a textile print workshop and to teach the basics of silkscreening on textile to teachers of various polytechnics in Ghana.
This was my job.


In the new fashion building there was a classroom available with basic facilities:
A wooden table, sinks and running water.
The first period, March 2009, was marked by the organization of the workshop and to start up the course silkscreen printing on textile .
The second period, October 2009, I gave an advanced course.
Exposure of the screens and using the new transferpresses.